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March 14, 2022 2 min read

As we know March is the month for women. And history teaches us that we've gone through a lot to get to where we are today and till today, still have serious battles going on around the world.

First thing that comes to mind is the gender gap in corporate industries.

The lack of women in male-dominated and high-paying industries is often cited as a critical factor behind the gender gap. Even though women perform as well as men in math and science standardized tests at school, fewer women consider a professional career in these fields as they seem to face different struggles that have little to do with their abilities. 

What could be the solution?

It could be done by seeking for equal rights for everyone, instead of seeking it just for some of us. Educating the mass to ease the differences, but it should be approached in a positive way, not in a way to discriminate a gender together with a mutual understanding being developed.

In all these battles and solutions, however, it is important that we us women keep elevating our femininity whilst handling our business like boss CEO's. And since we all have the ability to do so, why not do it?!

It's time for our daughters and nieces to absorb the strong power that we have and keep progressing what our ancestors did for us and this can only happen through us!

So here are 3 unique DAVEENAH pieces that you should have in your closet for the times where femininity and power will be required.


african print dress with red and yellow

Made from gorgeous red and yellow African print fabric, this dress is carefully sewn to create the perfect multifunctional piece.

Fabric feels soft against the skin, light-weight and machine washable.

Other feature include: Sleeveless (allows you style in multiple ways), deep side pocket to ensure handsfree!

Dress it up, accessorize boldly and feel glamorous in the Tade dress.



african blue print dress

This dress is meticulously sewn from a gorgeous flowery African print fabric to create the ideal piece. This fabric is also soft against the skin, light, and machine washable. I mean look at it! It's a must in anyone's closet.


african print dress

This print right here deserves love only. It gives strong woman vibe whilst also giving a great sense of femininity and class. Style it up with a gorgeous pair of sunglasses, gloves and a beige coat to inspire CHICNESS.